The PsyKey – MycoVita strategic partnership is focused on the research, development, and commercialization of Mycology based formulations, products, and therapeutics. including the research of psilocybin and its benefits as a medicinal therapeutic.

MycoVita, whose name is derived from Latin meaning “mushroom life” is a Biotech company focused on the development of functional foods and products that support optimal health and wellbeing through science backed formulations and research by its world class mycology team.

MycoVita was founded by Dr. Omon Isikhuemhen who is currently a leading mushroom science and fungal biotechnology professor. Dr. Isikhuemhen credentials include a Bachelor of Science with honors, a Masters of Science in Botany, as well as a Ph.D in Microbiology. Dr. Isikhuemhen is a trailblazer in research and development that has resulted in many technological advancements, products, and numerous scientific publications.

Mushrooms and their derived bio-products offer unique benefits for both the body and mind, ranging from immune support, cognition and memory enhancement, to energy and stamina boost. MycoVita is targeting these areas to deliver measurable results for healthy outcomes.

The PsyKey – Professional Gardener partnership will focus on the development and distribution of unique innovative products for the fast-growing commercial mushroom production industry, as well as the organic farming and home-based markets. The products will be focused on the ability to increase yields, and optimize potency, while maintaining organic standing and certification.

The Professional Gardener Co. Ltd. founded in 1927 and operating since with the belief in quality, service, and support is one of Canadas largest horticulture development and supply companies. Servicing industry from large scale agricultural producers, top tier golf courses, to soil reclamation and remediation companies, The Professional Gardner provides solutions for many needs. With a diverse Research and Development department The Professional Gardner is constantly developing new innovative solutions and products that address plant production, disease management and increasing productivity, tailor made for each client.