Mood Enhancing Premium Tea & Coffee.

The PsyKey team has over 20+ years of premium coffee roasting experience. We have been producing gourmet specialty coffee & tea for today’s acquired palette. Our brands are well recognized in retailers across Canada and specialty retailers in the US. The dessert espresso and wellness organic blends have gained international recognition and have won numerous awards. Our innovations in the coffee industry have been trend setting and referred to as liquid gold by our customers.

Our coffees are traditionally health centered products for Weight Loss, Energy and Vitality blends. We were first to market Advanced Adaptogen Blends. Adaptogens include natural herbs and antioxidants, which have been shown to reduce stress and increase energy levels.  

The formulation team will use their expertise to integrate adaptogen with entheogen blends in both coffee and tea. Entheogens are a psychoactive substance that is known to induce alteration in mood, consciousness, cogitation and behaviour.

PsyKey’s FreeMind line of Tea and Coffee brands are crafted to counteract the nauseous effects many suffer from the ingestion of psilocybin allowing for a ultimate user experience with enhanced mood and reduced anxiety.

Our efforts are to continue to seek alternative solutions to deal with the growing crisis of mental health and addiction through the legal and medicinal psycoceutical markets across the globe.