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Psykey Functional Mushroom Infused Coffee

Exceptional Tasting Premium Coffee made from ethically sourced organic Arabica coffee beans and infused with powerful functional mushrooms that can harness focus, boost immunity and help you relax and overcome a stressful day.

Real Mushrooms

Exceptional Coffee

The Way Nature Intended

Coffee Pods

Great tasting Coffee Keurig Compatible Pods

Ground Coffee

Loose Ground Coffee 340 grams

The Best Mushroom Coffee

Great Taste

Our coffee is crafted from the finest Arabica coffee beans, ensuring a purely authentic experience with irresistibly rich flavors.


Improved concentration & memory. Manage stress & restore balance. Boost immune functions. Promote vitality.

Real Mushrooms

No extracts or mycelium here. We exclusively use fruiting bodies—the real mushrooms—abundant in beneficial compounds... Providing a full-spectrum experience!

Quality Ingredients

We take pride in ethically sourcing all of our ingredients, ensuring they are organic, and providing our customers with the highest quality product possible.

Why We Use Fruiting Bodies.
(The Whole Mushroom)


Consuming the whole fruiting body gives you a broader spectrum of nutrients and compounds that naturally occur in the mushroom.


Fruiting bodies provide a balanced mix of nutrients, potentially offering a more comprehensive range of benefits.

Traditional Use

In traditional medicine, the entire mushroom has been used for centuries and is considered a holistic approach.


The various compounds within the fruiting body work together synergistically for optimal health benefits

Don't Settle.

Our formulations are created utilizing premium quality ingredients with real functional mushrooms, yes the whole mushroom. These mushrooms have been used for their brain boosting, adaptogenic & immune supporting properties for thousands of years.

Our mushrooms include: Reishi, Chaga, Lions Mane, Turkey Tail, Cordyceps, and Maitake. All products are manufactured in North American based GMP & site licensed facilities.

Learn about Mushrooms

Want to know more about the different types of functional mushrooms? We’ve got you covered. Check out our blogs where you can learn more!

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